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Sa, dressed in the nurse costume, is still asleep. Ma takes his suitcase.


MA: Sa!


SA: Yes?


MA: I go now.


SA: What do you mean? Where?


MA: Home. To my mother.


SA: What about the bar? What about Pila?


MA: Pilă isn’t coming anymore.


SA: I don’t believe you!


MA: I spoke to him right now.


SA: You told him not to come? You don’t trust me, right? You think I’m not ok.


MA: You’re ok. He just doesn’t come anymore. I think we asked too much money.


SA: Ask for less!


MA: I don’t think he has any. He just got out, Sa, imagine this.


SA: You had money when you got out. He had money. I heard when he told you he has. You’re lying to me. I think you don’t believe in me.


MA: Yes, I do.


SA: Tell him… tell him I’m gonna do it for free. Like a special offer. First night is for free. I just want an opportunity to prove how good I am. Just a small chance.


MA: Tomorrow, ok? Now I have to go.


SA: Don’t leave me. Please. I’ll do it onto you. Or you can do it to me. Penis captivus tongs. Crying balls hammer. Bloomed anus fork. Lonely nipple knife. Please, Ma. I’ll do anything.


MA: No. My mom is waiting for me.


SA: Bring her too. I’ll make her happy. I can. I already made her happy once.


MA: Do you pity my mom?


SA: No! No, Ma! I’m gonna torture her if you want me to.


MA: I thought you’re playing a pussy again.


SA: No! I piss on you all. On your mother. On your father’s grave. I piss on you. Ok?


(translation by Maria Manolescu)